CalendarPosted on 8th June 2020

89% Increase in need for foodbanks

Latest figures released by our parent organisation The Trussell Trust show that this April there was an 89% increase in need for emergency food parcels compared to the same month last year, with a staggering 107% rise in parcels for children (compared to the same period last year.)

Food banks in the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) are also reporting a 175% increase in need for the same period.

Whilst an increase in people having to resort to using Food banks, sadly, isn’t new news, an 89% increase in need – and the number of families coming to Food Banks doubling – is unprecedented.

Although recent measures brought in by our government have helped some people stay afloat, it’s clear that more support needs to be put in place.

With a coalition of other anti-poverty charities, The Trussell Trust is calling on the government to do more to protect people from being swept into destitution. We’re asking the government to make sure councils in England have enough funding to provide emergency cash grants, so we can get money into people’s pockets quickly as this crisis continues.

You can give your support here: Add Your Voice

Poverty isn’t inevitable. Needing to use a food bank isn’t inevitable. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen how quickly the government can act to take emergency measures to ensure people can access support during this crisis. We know change is possible. Together, we have the power to come together and make a difference.

The full press release, including figures and statistics, can be read here.