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United Utilities update regarding Universal Credit

Universal Credit – supporting customers affected by a reduction in benefits


As you all know, the reduction in UC payments is set to affect many people across the North West. We’re very aware that any change in weekly UC payments will mean that many of our customers may struggle with their existing payments.  We know that you will see many customers affected by this change in your daily jobs so please encourage anyone who is worrying about their water bill payments to give us a call on 0800 072 6765 so we are aware of this and can help.   There are lots of ways we can support our customers including reducing their annual bill, especially if they are seeing a reduction in their benefits.


Also, if you’re aware of any customers who are applying for UC for the first time please let them know that we can delay their water bill payments for up to eight weeks until their first UC payment arrives. Then, when the customer is able to start paying again, we can spread those payments across a much longer period of time so they are not under any additional financial pressure. 

When the customer calls us, we’ll also check to see if they are eligible for any of our other support schemes. This includes our Back on Track scheme which provides a lower bill based on the benefits they receive or if they have been financially affected by COVID, such as being furloughed or made redundant. 


Additional payment flexibility for those who need it

We’ve also launched a new payment scheme that will be suitable for many of our customers and I just wanted to make you aware of this as it’s something we’re really excited about. 

Our ‘Pay As U Go’ scheme opens the door to a much more flexible approach to how customers currently pay their water bill. Now, instead of paying the same amount on the same day every month, customers will have the option to make different payment amounts whenever they wish to suit their specific financial circumstances.

It’s idea for those customers who:

Ø  Want more control over the amounts they pay 

Ø  Would like the flexibility of paying whenever they wish

Ø  Are comfortable making payments on our app or online

Pay As U Go won’t suit everyone – it will be of particular interest to those customers who may work on an ad-hoc basis or not have the luxury of permanent hours. We know that many of our customers don’t get paid on a regular basis which makes it difficult to commit to a traditional Direct Debit arrangement. We think PAYG will be ideal for these customers.

Customers can apply by calling us on 0800 072 6765. There are no additional fees or interest added for customers paying their bills in this way.


You can find out more on our website:

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