Steepest Increase for 5 Years in People Needing Foodbanks

CalendarPosted on 15th November 2019

Recent mid-year statistics released by our parent charity the Trussel Trust show a 23% increase in the amount of food parcels given out from April to September this year compared to the same period in 2018. This is the sharpest rate of increase seen by the charity in the past five years.

The report states the main reasons for people resorting to using Food Banks are “low benefit income (36%), and delays (18%) or changes (16%) to benefits being paid.”

The number of 3-day emergency food parcels food parcels given out by Trussel Trust Food Banks during the April to September period, in the North West alone, this year was 111,385 taken from 823,145 in the UK as a whole.  More than a third of these (301,653) went to children.

As we approach a general election the Trussel Trust is calling for politicians on all sides to work towards a future where Food Banks won’t be needed.

Three key points that we believe will help to achieve this are:

  1. Ending the five week wait for Universal Credit
  2. Ensuring benefit payments cover the cost of living
  3. Investing in local emergency support for people in crisis

Here at Widnes Foodbank we would like to thank our supporters for their continuing generosity in helping those in desperate need locally.