A Heartfelt Thank You for a Busy Christmas 2018

CalendarPosted on 29th January 2019

A month into the start of another year at Widnes Foodbank. We are all probably just getting back to normal after the Christmas and New Year holidays, but before we forget here is a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to everybody who worked so hard in all our foodbank centres, the warehouse, office and driving over the festive period. In the week just before Christmas we fed 100 people. That gives you an idea of how busy it was!

Beside the 3-day Tesco National Food Collection in December that brought in over 2729kgs of food, the Permanent Collection Point there also collected 879kgs of food in public donations. A big thanks to all the Tesco staff and the volunteers who came on those 3 days.

Big donations came in from Morrisons and Asda too. We would also like to mention John Geddes bikes, Acc24/7, Crodex Widnes, Autotrader, Local Travellers, Cemex and everybody who turned up at the warehouse and Crossing Point with bags of food and goodies!

Christmas Eve was very quiet at Crossing Point, so we were able to get together Christmas food items and other goodies to take to St. Pauls for the Christmas Day meal. I believe 130 people turned up, so well done to all the volunteers!

After so many donations over the Holidays we have had to create extra storage space at Crossing Point, and Halton Council has helped us with space at Halton Stadium. We hope this extra provision will help us through the period up to Easter.

Widnes Foodbank again saw another rise in demand last year. We gave out 10% more food than the year before. Unfortunately, we expect that demand will rise again as the rollout of Universal Credit continues in our area.

Widnes Foodbank only works because of all our volunteers, and we are still short of volunteers in all departments, but especially we need people to make deliveries and collections at the warehouse, and work in all the foodbank centres. If you think you can do any of these jobs, or would like an idea of what it entails, please check out our website “Give Help” section or contact us at the Office on 0151 422 0031. For new volunteers we can send you an application form that explains what you will need to provide to apply. The Data Protection Act requires us to ask certain questions but nothing scary!

Once again, thank you for your continuing support of Widnes Foodbank in whatever task you are involved in.